Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Problem and Solution

We have a problem in Room 16, and it involves the couch....finally, after 2 days of strife, we decided to tackle it head on.

We had a mat chat and wrote what had been happening to upset and annoy us.

Problem: Some people aren't getting a turn to sit on the couch.

Now, we had to come up with some solutions.

These were our ideas:

1. Everyone starts on the floor and if you are good, Mrs Stewart chooses you to sit on the couch.
2. We have a list and a group get a turn for ten minutes, and then another group get a turn for ten minutes, until everyone has had a go in the day.
3. If you have been good doing work, then you get to sit on the couch.
4. 6 people get to sit on the couch before morning tea, then another group before lunch, and then another group before the end of the day.
5. We have a list, and each group gets a day to sit on the couch. And then the next day, another group gets a turn. We just keep going.
6. We take turns being the person who gets to choose who goes on the couch.

We all voted and the majority winner was number 6. As we explored this idea further, we hit a few snags...

Who will get to choose? How will we make sure that different people get chosen?

So people suggested we have a list to keep track. Someone pointed out that that would then be the same idea as number 5. So we are going to give number 5 and see how it goes. We know that a solution needs to be fair, and everyone needs to agree. We will trial the new plan and check in later to see if we feel our problem has been resolved or not.

Great problem solving Room 16!

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