Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday BOOK WEEK !

What a day was had today !

This week is BOOK WEEK at Silverdale Normal.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Matt Elliott NZ author visiting us and talking with the Senior classes.

Today we had BOOK character day, BNZ 'closed for good' team teaching us how to be wise with our money and Des Hunt - NZ children's book author visiting.

We had some fabulous costumes in Rm 16 and even had the wolf and grandma visiting Red Riding Hood this afternoon......a little scary!

Thanks to the BNZ team for coming in first thing this morning to help us think about our money and encourage us to save.

Des Hunt was fabulous to listen to this morning.  His love of science shone through and we all were excited to listen to his thoughts on how to write a good book.  He shared that fact that writers are often rejected by publishers and this happens to even famous authors !  But with perseverance you can get there!!

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Rach Dixon said...

Great photos. Looks like a fun day!