Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ice Cream - Kowhai

A couple of weeks ago our kowhai reading group was reading a text all about ice cream.  We then decided that we should make some of our own!
Thanks to Mrs Dixon ( Millie's mum ) who found a great recipe online and helped us to make it - we were all sorted.  The groups made three different flavours - choc chip, vanilla and strawberry and then strawberry!
We all got to have a taste test on Friday and there is even leftovers for our last week too!
" Better than real ice-cream" was a comment overheard!


Rach Dixon said...

Good photos!🍦🍦🍦! From Millie

Rach Dixon said...

It was great fun making ice cream with the Kowhai kids - they are a 'cool' group!! 😉