Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thinking and Strategy

We have been working a lot this week on following instructions, and persisting when things feel tough.

We learned a new game today - 'Nine Holes'. We watched how to play and then got all the equipment ready that we would need to play.

At first, it was a bit confusing to work out how to win, but it didn't take long before people were trying different strategies to beat the other person.

We had a great discussion before playing about what 'good winners' and 'good losers' look and sound like. I was so impressed to see and hear some amazing and supportive things this morning as everybody played:

"Oh man, you got me good!"

"Woah, you were hard to beat that time, I think you might get me next time"

Such good sports Team 16!

Teach your friends and family how to play too!

Here is the video we watched first:


Michael Harrop said...

I saw you guys playing this game the other day and wondered what you were up to!! Now I know! I'll have to come in soon and have a turn.

Rach Dixon said...

Great life skills. I'll have to get Millie to teach me it