Sunday, February 19, 2017

Using our senses

We are going to be taking part in a postcard exchange with Fernworth Primary School.

To do the exchange, we need to each write a lone of poetry on a postcard - so we have started learning about poetry and descriptive writing.

Today we found a spot to sit outside and used our five senses to describe our surroundings.

We came up with some great descriptions for our first time:

  • Blue sky and the pure white clouds
  • Kids doing work peacefully
  • Happy people playing in the pool
  • The green field
  • Splashing people in the sparkling pool
  • Ants running up the rough bark in the big tree
  • People playing tag
  • People working very quietly
  • Enormous field with bright green grass
  • Big long trees
  • Classes learning
  • People playing
  • The wooden playground
  • New, square, shiny books
  • Working, yelling kids
  • The trees whooshing around
  • Long slides
  • The classroom that is shining bright
  • The fluttering, dancing, graceful leaves
  • Strong, firm bricks
  • Light, bright sun
  • Loud, splashing, noisy kids
  • Cicadas going zz zz and birds singing
  • Planes going here and there
  • People yelling in the sparkling water
  • People screaming and playing in the pool
  • Loud noises coming into my ears
  • The breeze whooshing in my ears
  • The birds chirping sweetly
  • The roaring, crazy kids
  • Huge steps coming on the floor
  • The smooth wind running through my fingers
  • The rough bark
  • The fresh wind whooshing on my face
  • Hot sun burning
  • Rough, ridgety wood
  • Lumpy pole underneath my bottom and the warm soothing sun
  • The hot sun burning through my skin
  • Hard, soggy wood
  • Hard, bumpy deck
  • Yucky, crunchy leaves
  • The rough wood on the train
  • The wind blowing softly like a teddy bear
  • The hard wood rubbing against my back
  • The beautiful breezy wind
  • The air, salty like the ocean
  • The cold, strong, blowing wind
  • The fresh air
  • The nice, cold, wet water
  • The sweet wind
  • Stinky bird poo that smells like my brother’s nappy.
  • Very muddy, yucky, smelly, disgusting dirt
  • Supreme fluttering flowers
  • Fresh air
  • Brown bits of lumpy bark
  • The nice fresh wind and the strong smell of leaves


    Rach Dixon said...

    Great idea - look forward to hearing more!

    thomas gardiner said...

    Well done Dion my boy good to see you focused on your school work 👍